How to enjoy your garden in winter

How to enjoy your garden in winter

Create a winter garden

The best way to enjoy your garden in winteris to arrange your veranda! Open to the outside thanks to large bay windows, it is a cocooning place where you can continue to grow your plants during the winter season or just take time for yourself.

Often overlooked when temperatures drop, the veranda has several advantages. If possible, heat the room to room temperature. This will allow you to enjoy it without being frozen!

Create a cocooning atmosphere by installing plaids and why not a soft faux fur rug. A few candles and light garlands allow you to create a soft light, appreciable when evening falls and you want to have a little aperitif in love in your veranda.

Choose natural furniture: wood, rattan, etc. Finally, don't forget to install some plants to create a winter garden and continue to exercise your green thumb. Succulents, orchids, cacti ... It's time to pamper them!

Organize winter barbecues with friends

But yes, we can organize a barbecue party in winter ! You just need to get well organized. When winter is not too harsh, this is an opportunity to have a good meal with friends, with gourmet dishes.

First, choose models of gas or charcoal barbecue. Take the opportunity to revisit the barbecue classics: potatoes, roasted camembert, grilled chestnuts ... Accompanied by a mulled wine (in moderation), you will make people happy.

If you are not too barbecue, also consider the plancha. Its use is perfectly suited to winter. We vary the cooking possibilities with a plancha, the healthy and very simple process for cooking meats, fish, vegetables and winter fruits. In the cold season, it is too often the celebration of rich and simmered dishes. Maintain lightness!

Dive into a spa

Get inspired by our Scandinavian neighbors and take advantage of your outdoor equipment to make yourself a spa at home in the middle of winter. A real session dedicated to relaxation and cocooning, which always feels good.

Take advantage of the warmth of the jacuzzi to relax. Take a few laps in your pool if it is heated. You will see, it will invigorate you, even if the idea of ​​being in a swimsuit outside in the middle of winter does not tempt you more than that!

To can use your inflatable spa in winter, temperatures must be equal to or greater than 4 ° C. If possible, install your spa under a shelter, and cover it when you are not using it. This will prevent the water from freezing and damaging the system.

Heat your exterior

Heat the outside: say like that, it can leave you skeptical. And yet there are several solutions to warm up in winter in your garden or on your terrace! It is enough simply to choose the heating adapted to its needs and its outside.

Take inspiration from coffee terraces by installing a heated parasol on your terrace. They often run on gas and are supplied with a cover to store them when the winter season ends. They take up little space but allow you to enjoy your outdoors without being too cold.

You can also install a brazier in your garden. There are many models of design and space-saving braziers available on the market. Their affordable price makes them an often preferred solution. These cast iron braziers allow you to burn wood to warm up in winter. You can also choose to make one out of bricks or stone, around which you can install your garden furniture.

Finally, another more sustainable solution: the outdoor fireplace. It can be made of stone, in an outdoor kitchen for example, or be enamelled cast iron for more design models.