3 bouquets to celebrate spring

3 bouquets to celebrate spring

Finally, spring is here! The days are getting longer, the light is coming back, the temperatures are rising… It's time to bloom the house with colorful and fragrant seasonal flowers. Tulips, buttercups, anemones, roses and peonies take center stage for the return of sunny days. A real treat to offer yourself without delay!

Like a craving for buttercups

But how beautiful are the spring buttercups! Generous and refined, pink, white, red or orange, they last almost three weeks in a vase as long as you think of slightly cutting back the stems and that you change the water regularly. To enhance them, remember to combine them with the green-gray foliage of Eucalyptus cinerea, the fluorescent green hues of the bupleurum and the delicate little flowers of the astrances ... A big breath of fresh air to scare away the gloom!

A bouquet of buttercups, some contrasting leaves and this is a real spring bouquet

The simplicity card

What would spring be without tulips? With their corollas which stand straight on their stems, these flowers from the Himalayas are available in all the colors of the rainbow. In a room, a simple bouquet of pink, white, red or orange tulips catches the eye and awakens all our desires for spring. Associated with the old-fashioned charm of red, mauve or blue anemones and magnified by dark green foliage, tulips are even more majestic ... Besides, aren't tulips also the queens of flowers?

The delicate marriage of tulips and anemones…

The scent of spring

To awaken our senses asleep from the cold of winter, spring bouquets try to seduce us by their colors as much as by their smell. The scent of peonies blends with that of roses and lilac to create a unique and sophisticated composition. A branch of hydrangea and a few branches will complete the set and create effects of volume and matter ... A pure pleasure for the senses.

Peonies, lilacs and roses: the scents of spring!

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