Tutorial: an original centerpiece for a wedding

Tutorial: an original centerpiece for a wedding

The floral composition is a must for table decoration at weddings. It is popular in the center of the table. Only downside, it represents a hell of a budget. As it is difficult to compete with the talents of a florist, we found the parade: a few seasonal flowers slipped into a custom vintage teapot, recycled for the occasion. An ideal centerpiece for a retro, country, bohemian, rustic or romantic theme wedding. Quickly discover our tutorial to get started!

Equipment :

- Flowers of your choice - A porcelain teapot - Special porcelain paint - Porcelain thinner - A brush - A container - Masking tape or masking tape - A cloth

Budget: 15 to 20 euros Duration: 15 minutes + 24h drying + 1h cooking


1. If necessary, start by cleaning your vintage teapot; it must be clean and dry for the paint to adhere perfectly. As for the choice of teapot, recycle one for the family or walk around the garage sales and Emmaüs bric-a-brac: you will find several models for a few euros.

2. Use a paint suitable for porcelain. Depending on the desired result, choose a color already present on the teapot for a reminder and favor flowers also in the same shades. Or, take a more offset step, opting for a pink, yellow fluorescent or golden paint. Whatever you choose, don't forget to add a special thinner to the color.

3. Place the masking tape according to the shapes you want to paint. For our part, we mainly chose geometric shapes and did not hesitate to cover certain patterns of the teapot.

4. Shake the paint bottle well before opening it, then mix a few drops of porcelain thinner with the paint. Stir the resulting mixture well before applying it.

5. Apply paint inside the shapes made using your masking tape. Be careful not to apply too much thickness so that the paint does not run. If some bubbles form you can use a toothpick to pierce them because they will remain after cooking.

6. Before your paint dries, remove the masking tape very carefully. If the color has smeared a bit in places, there is still time to gently remove it using a tissue.

7. Let your colored teapot dry for 24 hours before following the instructions on your porcelain paint. For our part, spent this day, we put our teapot at 150 degrees for 35 minutes.

8. That's it, it's over! Your teapot out of the oven, let it cool before adding the flowers. You will find that the colors have darkened slightly while remaining transparent. If you want a more opaque result, mix a special porcelain mattifier with your paint.

Our advice: The advantage of this technique is that a few stems of flowers will suffice for your centerpiece. A big financial gain, especially since it is still possible to save money: opt for garden flowers or field flowers on D-Day. An alternative? Contact a wholesaler directly to reduce the bill. You can also accompany your foliage flowers; it will bring volume and will be much less expensive. We opted for eucalyptus - you will find it all year round - but you can also let yourself be tempted by fern, pittosporum or even dry wheat.

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