Before / after: transform an apartment into a high-end rental

Before / after: transform an apartment into a high-end rental

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How to transform a dark and tired apartment in the 17th arrondissement in Paris into a modern, warm and chic place? This is the challenge of this beautiful project proposed to the architect of My Interior on Measure. Blue as the common thread in each room, beautiful parquet floors and cement tiles ... a project that combines modernity and charm of the old, and brings light into this 70m2 of luxury in the heart of the capital! Area: 70m2. Agency: MISM. Budget: 6000 €. Duration of works: 2 months.

Before, a tired and not very functional apartment

The owners called on the MISM agency to renovate their apartment which needed a refurbishment. The main objective was to transform this old and not very functional apartment into a high-end rental which will be rented to expatriates. The apartment therefore had to offer a beautiful bedroom, a dressing room and a large living room. Everything has been transformed! The room with the past decoration has become a kitchen. The little kitchen, not very functional, has been transformed into a bathroom. Even the living room, not very bright and in an old-fashioned style, has been given a makeover. Finally, the poorly exploited room at the back of the apartment has been transformed into a magnificent bedroom. So there has been a real redistribution of the functions of the parts ... for the better!

Before, a dark and not very warm apartment, with past decoration.

A complete redistribution of the rooms in the apartment

In terms of works, it was therefore a question of: - tearing down a partition between the living room and the kitchen, - installing light fixtures on the ceiling, - moving an electric counter. The work lasted approximately 2 months. The kitchen has therefore been transformed into a bathroom, with sink and washing machine. The room space has been optimized, thanks to plenty of storage. The large basin makes it a pleasant place to live in everyday life. The lounge area has been fitted out for more comfort and charm. The bedroom has been arranged at the end of the apartment, and has a beautiful old fireplace. Finally, the apartment was completely repainted. Everywhere, blue has been chosen as the common thread, available in several shades, it brings softness and chic to the apartment.

An open plan apartment with a nice feeling of space and clarity!

A warm and functional decoration

The owner wanted a sober, functional and practical apartment with a warm atmosphere. With the help of My Interior Custom, he chose mid-range furniture. We therefore mainly find brands like La Redoute Interiors, Miliboo or AM.PM. The materials have also been chosen with care. A water-repellent, easy-care laminate vanity top has been installed in the bathroom. A semi-wooden floor with a very beautiful parquet floor, half-tiled in hexagonal tiles, was chosen to distinguish the kitchen area from the dining area and bring a trendy touch. A slightly marbled natural stone worktop also gives character to the whole. In terms of furniture, a round table cleverly finds its place in this small dining area.

An interior that has truly gained in functionality and sobriety.

A brighter apartment

The main advantage of the work carried out is the gain of light in the apartment. The architect was able to take advantage of the fact that the accommodation overlooks a small paved courtyard, bathed in light, to capture it and bring it inside! In the kitchen, the choice fell on white furniture. A light blue paint accentuates this impression of softness and luminosity. The latter is enhanced by modern ceiling lights, which light up the dining table. The transparent designer chairs also let the light circulate. The bias of white also prevailed in the modern and bright bathroom. A beautiful transparent wall separates the shower from the vanity unit, all of which have been perfectly optimized so that the gaze can circulate freely. On the floor, a patchwork of cement tiles dresses the space with its white and gray tones and energizes the room. The apartment as a whole is brighter, harmonious and trendy.

Hello the new bright kitchen, and the pretty white bathroom!

A renovation combining old and modern charm

The apartment had certain strong characteristics: woodwork, rosettes, moldings, fireplace and mirror. You had to respect a style that highlighted these elements. The architect chose to paint the walls of the living room in the same blue as the kitchen in order to create a homogeneous decoration. A convertible sofa, beautiful cushions and a plaid play the comfort card while the coppery coffee table brings an extra touch of charm. In a corner, a nice desk is waiting for some postcards to be written. We then move on to the bedroom, whose fireplace and large mirror have been preserved. This is all the talent of interior designers: knowing how to keep the right pieces of furniture and bringing in strong decorative elements (like the superb painting in the living room) to combine old and modern, and bring a touch of authenticity in decoration. A very successful, modern and warm project, an invitation to travel!

A renovation combining modern decor and old charm.