Smart accessories for storing your desk

Smart accessories for storing your desk

To optimize the workspace, the office must be organized in a very practical and functional way. For this, there are accessories that maximize working conditions by freeing up space and organizing it. Here are some tips around accessories chosen for a tidy desk.

Smart lighting

Rather than multiplying the objects that will take up a considerable space on the workspace, consider choosing multifunctional accessories. For example, the base of the desk lamp "l'Empirique" can accommodate and present documents. The lamp can thus receive a novel, mail or flyers while lighting your work plan. 249 euros.

An office extension

If your office is rather small, you may well consider adding extensions to it that will allow you to take advantage of more space on time. Pa Design's "Desk-Line" collection consists of three objects to be fixed using clamps to take up little space. You can add a lamp, a tape dispenser and above all a metal shelf with a shape designed so that objects do not fall. Count 38 euros for the Desk-wing tablet.

A clever pencil holder

To store your accessories such as pencils and paper clips, think of stackable modules that will allow you to save space. The Pa Tidy pencil holder by Pa Design consists of two parts. Place the pencils in the upper part and store the paper clips and thumbtacks in one of the three compartments in the lower part. And even more clever, you can like messages on the pot because it is metallic! What to eliminate the Post-It papers lying around. 12.90 euros.

A cable organizer

Because modern offices multiply cables and other computer wires, you need an accessory to organize them. To prevent them from tangling while knowing what they are connected to, use the Velcro straps to group the unnecessary length of wire and label it. 9 euros for 5.

A multiple storage bin

Use practical storage and save space! The Stack Stack by Authentics consists of a tray and small compartments to nest according to your needs. So you can easily organize your office documents by separating them into a single bin. The interior compartments are sold separately so that you can compose your own storage. 20 euros for the tray.