Save space Amsterdam style

Save space Amsterdam style

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Canals crisscrossing the city, sloping houses that have inspired so many artists and bicycles everywhere: welcome, you are in Amsterdam. Here, water occupies more than half of the capital. Maximizing living space has therefore become the custom: the houses are extremely narrow and their stairs make you dizzy. The gable of the facades even has a pulley allowing to assemble the furniture by the windows during removals. In the city of Van Gogh, saving space really makes sense.

How do the Dutch cheat to enlarge their narrow interiors?

The capital of the flat country uses without moderation a smart and adapted furnishing. Let us draw inspiration from these tips and secrets to exploit each square meter of a room.

Modular furniture

In the bedroom, kitchen or living room, the bed and the tables are key pieces of furniture that occupy a large part of the space. We opt for a folding bed and tables that only clutter the rooms when we use them.

Use the corners well

In lack of space, no corner should be forgotten. Under a staircase, we recommend a custom closet. If your ceiling is rather high, we prefer the height with a mezzanine or a storage nest (boxes arranged above a dressing room or a shelf).

Double function furniture

Two pieces of furniture in one, it's clever. We pick among the many ideas: box spring or headboard hiding drawers or shelves, double-sided bookcase creating a partition, a sofa bed or a bed convertible into a sofa. Your interior quickly gains in square meters and becomes more spacious! Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"