What lighting for an open kitchen?

What lighting for an open kitchen?

A kitchen open to a living room offers the opportunity to install lighting that highlights the important element of the room. One or more suspensions directed on the work plan emphasize the most important space of the room, where all the action is located.

Objective of lighting in the kitchen: enhance the spaces

Highlighting and highlighting an area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest in the room such as the work surface or the cooking elements are the criteria to take into account when choosing your lighting. A directed suspension gives a particularly attractive character to kitchen sets.

Suspensions on the work plan

On a work surface, the suspensions will bring light for better visibility. In the case of a kitchen open to a living room, this lighting also makes it possible to create a transition between the two rooms.

The orientation of the light towards the work plan emphasizes the separation between the two spaces but it also gives the opportunity for light to bring an important dimension to this living space. Insisting on the space of the meal, these suspensions invite the glance to be posed in a particular place.

In a kitchen open to a living room, favor lighting oriented towards activity areas such as the work plan for example. One or two suspensions depending on the degree of intensity and the importance you want to give to this place. Thus the luminaire will make it possible to delimit the spaces while underlining the active areas.